You want your life to have purpose, meaning, and direction.


Start and Keep a Vision Journal to Manifest Wild, Audacious Dreams!

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The problem is, you've forgotten how important it is to dreamYou aren't setting Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!

Like, big picture. Life goals. Where you goin'?

  • Like the idea of having a dream journal, but you're unsure how to get started?
  • Wonder what the heck a "Vision Journal" is? (Or wonder, "Isn't it just writing about your day, goals, and all that gooey stuff?")
  • Have good intentions but usually don't stick to writing? (Then, beat yourself up when you're having a bad day, blaming yourself for not writing?)
  • Want to keep your big goals at the top of your mind?
  • Wonder how to create your "Best Future Self" through writing?
  • Have 5 extra minutes each day to spare, but not sure where to start. (Okay, questionable. I know you're super busy. But trust me, this is doable.)
Download "I Am Magic"

Not sure what a Vision Journal is?


It's a book you use to plan your life narrative as you see it in your mind's eye. Take your mind on a trip as it travels to time, then dream about where you see your life in big, magnificent ways. Your Vision Journal is also your Dream Journal.

I've been there!


I wasn't taught how to dream big growing up. But, it feels really hopeless to go through each day without a bigger purpose and meaning, and like you don't have a significant place in the world. 


I've worked with hundreds of clients over a span of 20 years who felt depressed, anxious, and confused about where there life was going. In fact, I've been there some myself, and I know those are the most hopeless times.

Download "I Am Magic"

I got you.

Here's what's inside this book :

Download and print "I Am Magic." Read and learn about visualization, mental rehearsal, and the two typles of journaling. 

Create a Life Narrative after you travel through time in your mind. Dream about the end of your life - who is with you, where do you live, and what have you accomplished?

Learn to write a 5-minute daily Vision Journal entry with your wildest goals top-of-mind. 

Start and Create a Vision Journal.

Go from feeling stuck and directionless to an intentional, focused human with clarity. 


  • Reverse-engineer your life from the end of life to today. Set goals for this year with your most significant life dreams in mind. 

  • Create a Life Narrative and Life Summary as you learn how to set goals for this year that impact your end-of-life vision. 

  • Discover the two types of visualization and affirmations and why you need both.

  • Learn about mental rehearsal's power as you manifest your wild, audacious dreams.

  • Learn the three musts for your journal. 

  • Learn to write a 5-minute journal entry, keeping your life goals top-of-mind. 

Download "I Am Magic"

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