Use these journal prompts to help you refocus and commit to your self love.


Go from feeling sluggish, low, and hopeless to feeling confident and emotionally connected to your inner self.

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Old habits have you feeling sluggish, insecure, and bleak. 


  • Disconnected from inner self and core friends.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Poor sleep patterns.
  • Little to no body movement.
  • Lack of inner peace and calmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Struggle with mental health.
  • Lonely.
  • Chronic illness.


Download Journal Prompts Now

If you aren't using writing as a way to help your brain refocus and build new habits, you're missing a vital piece of the healing puzzle.


When you actively commit to refocusing on yourself, your body and brain perk up and take notice. Just the act of proclaiming your worth  will help you make an inner shift. The Self Love Tools help you gain more clarity, feel more energized, feel internal peace, and affirm you are an absolutely, amazing, rockstar, bad***! 

These writing prompts are meant to help you realign, re-engage, and reaffirm to your mental, emotional, and physical health using the Self Love Tools program.  

Self-awareness is at your fingertips...

Download Journal Prompts Now

 I totally get it... 


I'm a busy mom, wife, counselor, and business owner - I understand how it feels to fall off the wagon.


But, I believe in you! Plus, I've been helping people connect with their inner selves and strengthen their mental and emotional health for 20 years.


Time to recommit, my friend! You're a download away...


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Journal Prompts

(Prompts align with each of the 8 Self Love Tools)


Identify areas of lack, discomfort, frustrations.

Thinking of the 8 Self Love Tools, think of where your life is struggling.



Find the Self Love Tool section you most need.

Journal prompts are organized by the Self Love Tools, so find what you need now.


Choose a Prompt, and start writing!

Answer the prompt. While you write, think of feelings and thoughts that come up, and write about those, too.
Download Journal Prompts Now

Download 365 Refocus & Commit   Journal Prompts


In the downloadable packet, you'll receive:


1. The 8 Self Love Tool Guide - Use this as a guide to assess where you most need to process using the 8 Self Love Tools as a guide.

2. 40-50 prompts - The prompts are sectioned out by each of the 8 Self Love Tools. Assess what you need, and choose from the list.


The goal is to feel purposeful, balanced, and sure.

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