Calm Your Inner World So You Get an Edge On Life

Add just 5-minutes of meditation and infuse your life with peace, calm, and good health.

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Your time and energy are precious commodities. Both are being sucked dry.


  • Overwhelmed, stretched thin, and a to-do list that just. does. not. stop.
  • Yelling at the kids, disconnected from your partner. 
  • Headaches, stomach aches, high blood pressure.
  • Can't shut your mind off at night (sleep? what's that?).


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Even if you have other stress-relieving strategies in place (like moving your body or being in nature), you can still struggle with a frenzied, frazzled life.


It's a fact -- people who calm their inner world through meditative strategies and build a self love regimen thrive in life. By introducing this Self Love Tool, you'll get the tools you need to start TODAY and you'll start feeling the cumulative effect of deep breathing, calming, zen tactics. 



Get to "Ohmmmmming" in under one hour.

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I've been where you are!


It's easy to slip into overwhelm when you're a Type A, over-scheduled person.

(Think: busy mom, running a business, frenzied household)


But, I've been helping people connect with the root cause of their mental health issues and unhappiness for 20 years. Meditation is part of the Self Love Tools plan. (I'm pretty passionate about it.)


Time to get back on the saddle, friend.


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Calm the *Bleep* Down...


Download the Guide. 

Everything you need to know to start a simple meditation practice.


Find a comfy, quiet spot.

(corner of bedroom, closet, bathroom where there are no kids)


Set a 5-minute timer. 

Then, follow "Mindful Meditation" (the first meditation in your guide). 
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Download the Ultimate Starter Guide to Meditation

You'll get a detailed description of how to start and finish eight simple meditations. 


PLUS, three audio meditations to follow along with. 


AND, learn meditation lingo, and get ideas to set up your own dedicated meditation space.


Integrate meditation into your body right away!

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