Crafting a Life You Love

Self Love Courses and Guides. Easily accessible because good mental and emotional health is a right for every human.

Good mental and emotional health requires the symbiotic interaciton between brain, body, and relationships to self and others. The Self Love Tools courses, guides, resources, and templates help you feel good when you're not on the coach. Use the in between therapy sessions, or when you're in maintenance mode. I recomment starting a binder with all your resources so you can easily access them when you need a boost or a reminder.

100 Date Night Questions 

Want to feel all ooey-gooey with your partner again?

Download the 100 Date Night Questions and get:

  • Four ways to prep for date night (and beyond).

  • Date Night Rules

  • 100 Date Night Questions

The goal is eye-gazing and emotional connection. Go down rabbit holes with these questions, get to know your partner again, and fall in love again.

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200 Grab-n-Write Affirmations

Wracking your brain to come up with affirmations that fit just the right thing you’re manifesting?
I've got you covered!

Download 200 affirmations that are tailored to each category in the Pie of Life. 

What you get:

  • Pie of Life - Seven of the most important categories of life (you can take some away or add your own)
  • 25 grab-n-write affirmations per Pie of Life category to use in your Vision Journal or to mentally rehearse throughout the day
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Meditation Starter Guide 

Wondering what all this meditation hype is all about? I've got you covered...

  • Learn helpful terms so you feel more confident in the practice.
  • Know the gear you'll need to get started,
  • Sift through eight meditations ranging from "This isn't as weird as I thought" to "Hello, God, it's me, Margaret" to know what feels right for you in the moment.
  • Download a Body Scan meditation to use immediately.

This stuff is gooooooooood.

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365 Self Love-Themed Journal Prompts

Think journaling is a good idea, but you aren’t sure what to write about? OR, want someone (like me!) to take you a bit deeper with your writing practice?

I've got you covered!

Download 365 Self Love Journal Prompts categorized by each of the 8 Self Love Tools. (Don't have the 8 Self Love Tools? Click here.)

In this packet, you'll get 45+ journal prompts for each Self Love Category. So, if you're struggling with, say, "Enrich Your Body With Nourishing Food" (the 8th Self Love Tool), you'll get 45+ prompts to help you dive into that particular issue.

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I Am Magic: Start and Keep a Vision Journal

Go from feeling stuck and directionless to an intentional, focused human with clarity. What to expect with this downloadable workbook:

  • Reverse-engineer your life from the end of life to today. Set goals for this year with your most significant life dreams in mind. 
  • Create a Life Narrative and Life Summary as you learn how to set goals for this year that impact your end-of-life vision. 
  • Discover the two types of visualization and affirmations and why you need both.
  • Learn about mental rehearsal's power as you manifest your wild, audacious dreams.
  • Learn the three musts for your journal. 
  • Learn to write a 5-minute journal entry, keeping your life goals top-of-mind. 


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Self Love Tools: An Introduction of Basic Resources to Achieve Optimal Mental and Emotional Wellness 

Learn the basics of the eight Self Love Tools with this downloadable e-workbook. 

  • 38-page downloadable workbook

  • Reflection exercise at the end of each SLT section

  • Self-Love Planning Guide

  • Weekly Self-Love Tracker

It's okay to create time for yourself. Feel emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy again, even while leading others inside and outside the home.

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